Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day and HER...!

Hey !! Since today is Valentine's day so I'll use red colour font.=D Just would like to wish all of you a Happy Valentine's Day !!!

Went to Ipoh Parade with Kei and her friend Mika. *kinda cool*
and then Davin appeared...HAHA I think i smelled something from her, I guess she used the perfume that I bought for her as her birthday present..haha nowonder she smells so great today =P. I felt that I'm very bad, I go out with her by empty handed...Somemore it's valentine's day. So I went down to buy her 3 Roses with 2 Ferrero Rocher as the decorations while she's having fun at KBox.
Pheww... it was so rush and my whole body sweating just to give her a surprise.. Sorry, I know flowers is not practical but it just a meaning...
She was like so surprised but I dunno whether she like it or not. I remembered she said buying a flower for a girl is a waste of money.. but wat to do?? Last minute!! no choice.. so I hope YOU like it k?

And and and... one more thing, before i leave KBox I got a little bit of worried.
Cause, in the Karaoke room, all were guys and kinda naughty fellas.. I scared they'll do something bad to her.. you know?? when she went out to answer a call.. they were like looking at her without blinking their eyes.. wat the fuck !!
Guys if u touch her , I wont let you go!! Seriously, hope you wont =P

Oh yeah! I even bought a rose for my mum as a valentine's gift...hehehe.
* Dad.. you should say thanks to me as I represented you to buy Mum a rose* =D
Hmmmm.. forgotten to snap some picture.. so sorry , No picture for today..
Its 1.54AM by the way, I think I got to sleep, tmr need to wake up early for the school fiesta... so see ya!

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