Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hey bloggie here I comes. I'm still new here can anyone please guide me???

6th Feb 2008,
Friday, after school went home washed up and took a rest. At 7pm, Went to Beh's house to stay over
night because the next day which was Saturday, a big day for Anderson school. Guess wat happened?
it's Anderson's 100 years anniversary!..HAHA gambled whole night with Eugene Foo and Beh. 3 of us were
playing "Chor Dai Di" and we played 20sen per card and more than 10 cards we counted double. Quite
interesting but too bad I lost alot. Too bad I forgot to take picture of Beh, he sleeps like a pig. He snored louder than my dad. OMG hahaha. At last I played BlackJack with Eugene 1 on 1.. haha won abit , better than non right? right?? we slept at 4am and woke up at 5.30am. Pack everythings and went out for breakfast.
Reached school about 6.30am only 4 of us included a Form 2 junior.Scouts Marching until 12pm. Kok Chung fetched me home to take banner and get ready for LEO club function to praise home at Merdeka Garden. After that , went back to Beh's crib and my turn to sleep like a pig. hahahaha... 5 something Beh woke me up for basketball. Oh yeah! Ah Fai came too. At 8 we went to school for countdown...

Here's the picture of him

Use my brass knuckle to show off.. HAHAHA =D

Starting my Ninja ZX-250... Ready for REMPIT ..... !LMAO=D

Botak Isaac...With his blur face...

Me and Syaz...I looks weird here >.<"

Azam , Kei, and Badang AKA Luqman... damn this Badang loves to kacau girls
hahaha.. he's funny =D..Btw Kei is Alex's sister..

Whooopsie.. forgotten to snap some beautiful fireworks.. don't worry I'll snap again on this Sunday which is
15th Feb 2008...I got the video clip, It's just because it takes damn long to upload.. so i canceled it.. haha

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